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dog boarding

Whether they're here for 1 night or 10 nights, you can be sure you dog is our top priority. Our spacious, indoor/outdoor runs are climate controlled and designed for the safest, cleanest and most comfortable environment. They are 4' or 5' wide x 17' long. Small World accommodates small dogs who prefer an "indoor" setting away from larger dogs.


While our runs are quite spacious, every dog benefits from additional exercise and stimulation. Our extra large fenced-in exercise yard is a great addition to any pup's day at Horse Shoe Kennels. Your pet will receive daily outings of one-on-one time with one of our trained technicians. Some dogs may play fetch or run around, while others prefer a little extra love and affection during this time. 


Each dog is provided with a comfortable Kuranda cot and soft bedding. Feel free to bring a small blanket or towel from home as well. We also provide a high quality lamb and rice formula however many choose to bring their own food and treats. Personal attention to special dietary or medical need is always included. Dogs staying 5 nights or more qualify for $5-$10 bath (depending on size) !

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